Transatlantic Community

Stanley R. Sloan: Rebuilding Washington's Transatlantic Alliance

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D. Bruce Shine: "E-Published Statement of D. Bruce Shine to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, August 30, 1966

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Richard Conn Henry: "Union of the West Engame: A Straw Man Constitutional Amendment"

David G. Wagner: "The Road to a Transatlantic Community"

Edouard Balladur: "Colloquium on Union of the West at Johns Hopkins SAIS - Edouard Balladur: For a Union of the Wes"

Edouard Balladur: "For a Union of the West

Domenec Ruiz Devesa with Ira Straus: "Union of the West as a French Initiative"

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Stanley Sloan, Daniel Hamilton, and Edouard Balladur: "Colloquium on Union of the West at Johns Hopkins SAIS - Comments from Stanley Sloan and Daniel Hamilton with Responses from Edouard Balladur"

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