Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD)

TABD: Listening to the business community

The Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) is a significant tool in the effort to build economic bridges between the European and American communities. It was founded by the European Commission and the US government in 1995 to promote transatlantic trade and investment. The TABD brings together European and American business leaders, as well as high-level representatives of the European Commission and the US government, for an annual two-day conference. The meetings lead to the development of joint policy recommendations to the US and European governments on a number of issues, mainly trade-related. The TABD deals with many issues of concern to the American and European business communities, such as regulatory cooperation, intellectual property rights, capital markets, trade and security, and accounting standards.

The ultimate goal of the TABD is to facilitate the eventual establishment of a Barrier-Free Transatlantic Market, which would serve as a catalyst for global trade liberalization and prosperity. Unified markets are considered necessary to create a business environment that will stimulate innovation and economic growth, promote increased investment, and create new jobs.

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