European Defence Agency

Allied Command Transformation

International Security and Assistance Force - Afghanistan (ISAF)


Reports and Presentations:

Whose Hands on the Spigot - Water Security and the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict, Mark Dietzen, November 2014

Stopping Europe's Next War, Mark Dietzen, September 2012

Conference Report: Re-engineering the Transatlantic Security and Defense Relationship, September 2011

What Libya says about the future of the transatlantic alliance, July 2011 

The Age of Austerity: a New European Security Rises, Jack Detsch, December 2010

NATO 2020: Assured Security; Dynamic Engagement, May 2010

Communique of Nuclear Securities Summit, April 2010

A New European Order? Robert Legvold, David J. Kramer, and Daniel P. Fata, GMFUS, March 2010

The Future of NATO, James Goldgeier, February 2010

An Agenda for NATO - Toward a Global Security Web, Zbigniew Brzezinski, October 2009

NATO and the Responsibility to Protect, Gareth Evans, 2009

The Future of NATO: Challenges and Choices,  Jonathan Rider, May 2009

Alliance Reborn: An Atlantic Compact for the 21st Century, Daniel S. Hamilton, Charles Barry, Hans Binnendijk, Stephen Flanagan, Julianne Smith, and James Townsend, The Washington NATO Project, February 2009.

You can find Streit Council's research on transatlantic security here.