In working toward better-organized and deeper cooperation between the US and Europe, along with other OECD democracies, the Streit Council focuses on several major policy areas.

Policy Studies
This section describes the Streit Council’s main areas of study, divided into five sections: transatlantic environment, community, economy, and security; and global governance. We provide relevant background information, important news updates, and further resources for issues pertaining to each of the four policy areas. Through our website, as well as policy activities, events, and publication of our journal Freedom and Union, we work to create a forum for dialogue on each issue as it pertains to enhanced transatlantic integration.

Frank Scholarship Program
Through the generosity of the Frank Educational Fund, the Streit Council is able to fund the Mayme and Herb Frank Scholarship Program, which gives American and foreign students the opportunity to conduct research on topics related to federalism and international integration. Recipients of this prestigious scholarship have conducted research in a variety of areas and have gone on to various positions with the US government, the European Union, and nongovernmental organizations.

Policy Initiatives
The Streit Council advocates for strengthening the Atlantic Institutions through democracy-building, encouraging peace and security, and promoting economic prosperity. We are also support the idea of a Community of Democracies committed to strengthening democratic values and practices worldwide.

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