Policy Initiatives

Strengthening Atlantic Institutions
Extending Democracy. The Streit Council strongly emphasizes the importance of democracy-promotion and the strengthening of transatlantic cooperation in order to achieve global democracy. Measures include enlarging NATO and the EU, creating a Union of Democracies, and promoting transition to Democracy.

Enhance Peace & Security. Stronger transatlantic institutions would also provide a framework of trust and open discussion for which we can successfully create a more peaceful and secure world. This framework includes transforming NATO, establishing a transatlantic homeland security system, and consolidation against weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation.

Expanding Prosperity. Economic cooperation also plays an important role achieving greater unity between the Atlantic nations. By establishing a common market of the industrial nations, everyone will have a greater incentive to act collectively.

Community of Democracies
The idea of a community of democracies is committed to strengthening and deepening democratic values and practices worldwide. We have supported such an initiative since its inception at the Warsaw Conference in 2000. At the close of the conference, in the Warsaw Declaration, the signatories agreed "to respect and uphold...core democratic principles and practices" including free and fair elections, freedom of speech and expression, equal access to education, rule of law, and freedom of peaceful assembly.