Historic Photo Gallery

Aristide Briand, French Prime       Clarence Streit                            Lord Lothian
Minister and winner of the Nobel
Peace Prize (1926)

(from left to right) Arnaud Marts, George Shea Jr., Hugh Moore, Edm. Orgill,
Justice Owen J. Roberts, Clarence Streit, John Young, and Waden Moore

(left to right) Findley, Rockefeller, and Elizabeth Taylor

Altiero Spinelli, advocate of         From left to right: Adlai E. Stevenson III; Clarence Streit;
European Federalism                  Lester B. Pearson, PM of Canada; Rufus Smith, Director of
Directof of Canadian Affairs DirecCanadian Affairs, U.S. State Department

Avon, Clayton, and Rockefeller

Canadian Parliament, Ottowa              Christian Herter

Clarence K. Streit                                              William Clayton, VP of the Atlantic Union    

William Clayton and Christian A. Herter         Dirk Stikker, NATO Senator General, and                                                                    Dr. George Kliesling, member of German                                                                   Bundestag, at NATO parliament conference

William Clayton            George Lehleitner and Mark Cannon           Christian A. Herter

Clarence Streit

Clarence Streit and Paul Henri Spaak                  Clarence Streit testifying

From left to right: Ellsworth Bunker, Ambassador-at-Large, Francis Wilcox, Dir., Atlantic
Council, P.F. Brundage, Ex-Dir., U.S. Budget, Prof. Richard Henry, Physics, Johns Hopkins

Jane Elligett Leitner and Paul Findley                  John Foster Dulles

From left to right: Mrs. Howard, Ms. Osborn, Ms. Pavlo,               Nelson A. Rockefeller
Ms. Garland, and Ms. Jeanne Streit

Owen J. Roberts                                          Paul Findley

Pavlo and Alistair Steward

Clarence Streit and Lester Pearson         Theodore C. Achilles and Elmo Roper

From left to right: Jane Elliget, Paul Henri Spaak, and FU chairman
R. Chipps

Will Clayton                                              Hon. Nelson Rockefeller, Mrs. Streit,
Mrs. Rockefeller, Clarence Streit

Jean Defrance Streit, Victor Reinemer, Clarence Streit   Streit Council Early Leaders: From left
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////to right, Ralph Stoddard, Justice Owen
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Roberts, Associate Judge of the US
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Supreme Court, Clarence Streit,
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////founder of Federal Union, and Robert
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Bishop, Executive Director of the
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Atlantic Union Committee (1949-50)

Rockefeller                                                          Pearson

Schuman                                  Paul Henri-Spaak, Theodore Achilles, and Arthur Burns

Paul Henri-Spaak          Stan Barouh                                Dirk Stikker

From left to right: W Miller, G Hellyer, R Linostrom, C Streit,
H Laenrey, R Morton, and V Rosing at a meeting with the LA
Executive Committee

In middle, Orgil and Streit         On the right, Spaak.