July - December 2006

Stern Reports on Economic Impact of Climate Change October 30, 2006
Former World Bank cheif economist release a report on the potential global economic impact of climate change. To evolve into a non carbon reducing world will cost the global economy about 1% of total GDP, but Stern warns that if nothing is done now, the impact of climate change will cause a much greater disruption. It challenges the idea that by adapting to the damage of climate change, the consequences can be avoided. It futher stresses that international collective action will be critical in driving an effective solution.
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Allies Dressed in Green
October 27, 2006
HEIDELBERG, Germany : Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Western allies have been asking: What will replace the threat of communism as the cement that holds together the Atlantic alliance? Some have argued terrorism, but I don't think so. I think my German friends have the best idea: The issue that will and should unite the West is energy and all its challenges. After all, nothing is a bigger threat today to the Western way of life and quality of life than the combination of climate change, pollution, species loss, and Islamist radicalism and petro-authoritarianism - all fuelled by our energy addictions. And no solution is possible to these problems without concerted government actions to reduce emissions, to inspire green innovation and to shift from oil to renewable power.
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The European Union and Energy - Looking to the Future
September 2006
The EU has recently released the Energy Policy Outlook. Energy policy is definitely a most challenging issue in world politics. Occasionally it proved a divisive one in transatlantic relations. The expected "end of oil" and the rise of countries such as China and India with escalating energy demands pose new problems and potential threats. Addressing energy policy issues timely is thus fundamental, as it may result in preventing possible conflicts. In the words of European Commission's President Barroso:" Together, the European Union and the United States can help shape the post-petroleum world of the 21st century. With shared values and common interests, Europe and America can lead the way and help build an energy economy that is secure, protective of the environment, and conducive to economic growth and prosperity around the globe."
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