Ivo H. Daadler, James M. Lindsay, An Alliance of Democracies: Our Way or the Highway

Ivo H. Daadler, James M. Lindsay An Alliance of Democracies: Our Way or the Highway, Financial Times, November 06, 2004
For the first time in a generation, foreign policy dominated the US presidential election campaign. Even as the candidates battled over who could better wage the war on terror and whether the Iraq war was wise and well-executed, the real issue dividing the candidates was more fundamental - namely, how America should engage the world. While both men recognised that America's interests would be best served if the US worked with others, they differed profoundly on how to achieve that co-operation.
[...] Institutional forms of co- operation are often more efficient and more legitimate than coalitions forged for the moment and only for specific missions. But many existing institutions have failed to deal effectively with today's many challenges. The unilateralism vs. multilateralism argument that has dominated the American and transatlantic debate in recent years has failed to grapple with this essential dilemma. Rather than perpetuating a stale debate, the president has a major opportunity to move us beyond it. He needs to forge a renewed consensus within America and across the Atlantic that our interests are best served by creating an international institution that encourages co-operation in ways that are both effective and legitimate. An Alliance of Democracies is just such an institution...

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