Essential Documents & Analyses

NATO 2020: Assured Security/Dynamic Engagement, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, May 2010

NATO's Strategic Concept: A Canadian Perspective, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, 2010

NATO Reform and Decision-Making, Edgar Buckley and Kurt Volker, Atlantic Council of the United States

The Challenge: NATO in the Realm of New Geopolitical Realities, Atlantic Council, Rob de Wijk

Stronger Political Structures for NATO, Gen. James Jones, Freedom and Union, Vol II, No. 1, Spring 2007

NATO Training Mission: Iraq, Rick Lynch and Phillip D. Janzen, National Defense University, 2006

Transatlantic Transformation: Building a NATO-EU Security Architecture, Atlantic Council of the United States, 2006

Europe 's Global Role - Conference, Brookings Institution, May 11, 2005

European Defense Reform: The Beginning of the Beginning, Radek Sikorski, American Enterprise Institute European Outlook, July 17. 2004

Transatlantic intelligence and security cooperation,R.J Aldrich, International Affairs, July 2004, vol. 80, no. 4, p731-753

The US and Europe Fight Terror Financing, Center for Transatlantic Relations Conference, June 10, 2004

NATO and the European Union, Congressional Research Service, April 6, 2004

An Elective Partnership: Salvaging Transatlantic Relations, James Steinberg, Survival, vol. 45, no 2, Summer 2003

Reforging the Atlantic Alliance, Philip H. Gordon, National Interest, Fall 2002 Issue 69

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