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The Streit Council works toward better-organized relations between the United States and Europe, along with liberal democracies in the wider world. It builds on transatlantic and other inter-democracy institutions, supporting the growth of their treaty commitments into wider membership and deeper integration. In an increasingly interdependent international system, where solutions to challenges require the cooperation of many parties and the number of veto players proliferate, the interests of the world’s liberal democracies are increasingly indivisible. They possess a unique capacity for sustained cooperation and integration, and together they retain the influence needed to provide global leadership.

What we are: The Streit Council is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our work is not funded by any government or corporation.

What we do: We publish analyses, research, and opinion pieces on Euro-Atlantic integration, transatlantic relations, broader inter-democracy relations, and global governance. Our five programs cover these topics to a) foster public discourse and awareness and b) identify practical solutions for policymakers. Specific issue areas covered include:

  • The political cohesion of the transatlantic area
  • The institutional architecture of the Eurozone and the EU’s Single Market
  • Prominent threats facing NATO and EU members; and
  • Global trends

What we seek: Through the collaborative work of a diverse and intergenerational group of leaders, the Streit Council promotes a future of greater individual freedom based on the interlocking principles of freedom and union at the national and international levels. This entails:

  • Deeper integration and wider membership in the EU, NATO, G7, the OECD, and other inter-democracy institutions
  • Steps toward democratic voting and streamlined decision-making in inter-democracy institutions; and
  • Broader democratization and integration, based on transatlantic institutions as an open nucleus of world order – built initially around long-standing democracies and gradually expanding to newer democracies

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